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About Day Tours Egypt

At Day Tours Egypt we care about your holiday experience.  Our motivation for providing you with excellent sightseeing excursions and day tours is that we genuinly care about making sure your time in Egypt is filled with long lasting, happy memories.


As avid travellers, we understand the meaning of a good holiday.  Of course the destination you choose is a major factor in how good your holiday will be but lets not forget the service and experiences that you have in that destination.  Great experiences and service can turn a great holiday into a fantastic holiday and that is what Day Tours Egypt strives to achieve - we want your holiday in Egypt to be FANTASTIC!


Our love of Egypt and the magnificent ancient sites is what encouraged us to put together the best sightseeing tours which give visitors the opportunity to see the

'must see sites' of Egypt.


Day Tours Egypt is your gateway to Egypt.

Let us make your holiday a FANTASTIC one.

Travel Diary - Egypt Day 1

Arrived in Cairo.  Wow!  Took a day tour to the Pyramids and Sphinx which were amazing, rode on a camel around the pyramids - excellent!  The Egyptian Museum was fantastic, saw Tutankhamuns treasures.  The day tour to the Citadel, Coptic Cairo and Khan el Khalili was great too. Busy city, full of life, Arranged my day tours through Day Tours Egypt who were great.

Travel Diary - Egypt Day 2

WOW - I thought the pyramids were good but am amazed at the temples in Luxor and Aswan.  In Luxor I did day tours to the Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple, Hatchepsut Temple, Luxor Temple, Medinat Habu,  In Aswan I did day tours to Philae Temple, Edfu Temple, a Nubian Village, felucca sailing and the amazing Abu Simbel. Day Tours Egypt organised my day tours here too!  Excellent!